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Mug personnalisé au tea time

Personalized mug: 3 reasons to buy one

Since the appearance of the personalized mug, the cup has gone from a simple kitchen accessory to an original piece of the cupboard. We use it at home, we find it at our loved ones and we even sometimes take it to work! It has become a useful and stylish accessory for oneself and for others.

But what could be the reasons for switching from a “standard” cup to a personalized cup ?

Here are 3 that can only get you over the hump (if you haven't already)!

  • A personalized mug for the pleasure of giving

Grandparents, parents, children, friends… all consume hot drinks, from hot chocolate to strong coffee.

The personalized mug is therefore an original idea that will please everyone. Each sip will be an opportunity to remember sweet moments and will remind the person to whom you gave it that you think of them very much.

At Christmas, it will also be an opportunity to buy a unique gift that no one has given yet. Because, yes, the person may already have mugs but they will not have this mug that you have personalized especially for them. So the awkward moment of opening packages is over and the ovations are yours!

Whatever the occasion, taking the time to design a gift for a loved one is a nice proof of the love you have for them.

  • Avoiding pilferage at work with personalization

Eh yes ! We have all experienced that moment when, upon arriving at the office in the morning or even during the lunch break, we head towards the common room to have a good coffee (or tea) and there… our cup has disappeared because the one of our dear colleagues decided to borrow it.

By opting for a personalized mug , you are assured that no one will be able to ignore that it is yours. You can even personalize a mug for your office “bestie(s)” just to save him/her the problem too!

  • An original mug for big news

Pregnancy ? Marriage proposal? or special requests to your loved ones (“Do you want to be my bridesmaid?”, “Do you want to be my godfather?”)… any opportunity is good to surprise them and make them happy.

Designing a unique cup for them will be an opportunity to give them a nice surprise during a friendly moment! They will be able to keep this beautiful memory for as long as they want.

The personalized mug is a sure value for an original and quality gift .


Whatever the reason, buying a personalized mug will definitely be a good idea. This will brighten up your daily life or that of your loved ones!
So, are you ready to take the plunge?

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