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Mug personnalisé de Noël

Personalized mugs for Christmas: Which gift package to choose?

The end of year holidays are fast approaching, including the prettiest (in our opinion), Christmas!

Personalized mugs are often complex to wrap due to their handle, however, to please our loved ones and make them want to open our packages, we always try to opt for pretty gift wrap or original packages.

To help you wrap the Henriette and Co mugs that you are going to place under the tree, we share with you, in this article full of Christmas magic, several gift wrapping ideas !

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Personalized Christmas mugs
  • Wrap your personalized mug in pretty paper

Ah the wrapping paper… that’s what, in our opinion, adds to the magic of Christmas when opening presents.

Let's be honest, we all prefer to see our loved ones' gifts beautifully wrapped. So yes, the choice of paper is important . Shiny, discreet and embossed patterns, tinted in Christmas colors... there is something for everyone!

Now let's get serious...
Who manages to wrap their gifts well without difficulty? Ah, it gets complicated doesn’t it!
If they are square or rectangular, it's still okay. But if they have a particular shape, well that's where we lose patience.

Don't panic, we'll show you how to easily wrap your mugs in pretty gift paper.

Follow each step with our video, here !

  • Opt for transparency and fill your mug with treats

To replace the eternal opaque and colored gift paper, one of the pretty and delicious solutions is that of transparent packaging revealing the tasty contents that you have planned especially for the person.

Be careful, we prefer to warn you, by opting for this solution, you risk making people envious!

Personalized mug in transparent Christmas packaging

For this sweet option, you will need:
- Transparent gift wrap
- Your pretty personalized Henriette & Co mug
- A string of little treats

Ready? Here we go !
Take your roll of transparent wrapping paper, unroll a good piece of it and place the mug on top

Cut a large square of paper around the mug (so that you can bring the sides up above the mug with some margin)

Fill your container with all the treats you want (Buenos, Lindt chocolate candies, Shoko-bons, etc.)

Raise the side pieces above the garnished mug and press them together

Take a pretty ribbon and tie a bow to give a big Kinder feel .

All you have to do is staple your little note “To the attention of…” and that’s it!

  • Drape your personalized mug in a pretty fabric

During the end-of-year holiday season we love the sparkle and colors of the gift wrap under the tree.

In this paragraph we will present to you a gift wrapping tip for your personalized mugs, just as beautiful but more ecological (yes, we also have to think about our beautiful planet): furoshiki .

This ancestral Japanese folding technique, also called “fabric origami”, allows you to wrap your gifts in an elegant and ecological way.

So, for the following gift wrapping, put away your roll of tape, the wrapping paper and your scissors to swap them for a pretty square (or rectangle) of fabric!

First of all you have to choose the design of the fabric. Floral, polka dot, striped, colorful, black and white... in short, you are spoiled for choice!

Paké is a nice brand to choose your furoshiki from. You can also opt for a beautiful fabric that was in the back of a closet and for which you were looking for an opportunity to use it.

Then it’s the folding stage. There are multiple knotting techniques so choose the one that best suits the shape of your personalized mug.

Furoshiki folding inspirations for personalized mug

© The Ministry of the Environment The Japanese Government

  • Prank your loved one so that the mug is a real surprise 

Are you more of the prankster type ? Then this gift package idea is for you.

Above all, this solution will allow you to keep the surprise of the personalized mug until the end!

Take your mug and put it in a first package (gift paper or small cardboard). Next, take a slightly larger box (shoe box type) and pack it. Then move on to the final packaging (you can continue as much as you want but three steps is already good!).

For the joke to really work well, don't hesitate to take as the last packaging, the bag or box of a brand that your loved one would not buy at all, the final effect can only be greater ! 

As the end-of-year holidays approach, the question that is most on our minds is “will he like my gift?” ". Don't worry, with our personalized mugs , you'll always hit the mark!

You will see the joy in the eyes of your loved ones as soon as you open the package, whatever the packaging technique you choose.

PS: Our mugs all have the same dimensions so once you have packed one, you will know how to pack them all!

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